Saturday, April 06, 2002

Inbound links. How about outbound Choccy Treats?

My day starts as it usually does. Cheeto guy has fallen asleep on the keyboard, rebooting the PC. No master, I don't think it wants to accept "ddddddddddddfffffffffffffffff" as a valid password!

Bow wow!

Anyway, he's got a plan. He wants to make his weblog more popular than mine - and I gave him the idea!

Today he begged everyone to link to him.

"And I haven't even started on the list of cool people who link to me. Everyone who links to me is cool! Heheh," he wrote.

"Yeah, I know, trolling for links is the worst thing a weblogger can do."

No, sir. The worst thing a weblogger can do is starve his faithful four legged friend.

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